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We are constantly exploring new venues to market our products. Creating AR animation content is one of them. We are currently collaborating with iGreet and Studio Zmei on various applications.

This is a VR Video-game project under development, intended for the PC and Sony PlayStation markets.

Original Title "COOKING FRENZY VR" 360 movie

This is a 360 video, captured from a game prototype for a VR Cooking Game, developed by 3DCG Arts, intended for the PC and Sony PlayStation markets.

360 VR video "Golden Apple Adventures" 2017

This is a 360 video of the “Golden Apple Adventures” video-game prototype, developed as a SoftUni student’s group project, from the Maya 3D Animation courses – year 2016-2017. This student project is based on “The Golden Apple Universe”, created by Dimitar Petrov. Original character concepts and design by “STUDIO ZMEI”

3DCG Arts - SoftUni School Project 2017

This is part of the “Golden Apple Adventures” video-game prototype, developed as a SoftUni student’s group project, under the supervision of 3DCG Arts team, from the Maya 3D Animation courses – year 2016-2017. This project was inspired by the original story and visual concept of “The Golden Apple Animation Series” by Studio Zmei

About Us

Our Team

We are a fresh new start-up company focused on developing products and services for the AR, VR and 3D Game Industries and the 3D Animation market in general. Our team is small, but productive and very creative. Partnering with the biggest software university in Bulgaria, SoftUni – we have the unprecedented opportunity to tap on best new graduates in the field of 3D Graphics and programming. Involved directly in the early stage of the training process we collaborate with many graduates and teachers on various working projects. This strategic partnership enriches both sides, so we can have a flexible team building based on project specifics and demands.

We are also proud to have in our team Mr. Lazarus Bogdan, a professional concept artist, coming from the heart of the Hollywood Animation Industry, where he worked for more than 20 years, who has being creating conceptual artworks for major studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Hanna Barbera, Universal Studios, FOX Kids and many more.

Our Founder

Dimitri Detchev is an Architectural graduate, Professional 3D Animator and  Fine Artist. As one of the first 3D Animators in the industry he started his carier in 1990 at San Francisco, Bay Area, the Silicon Valley.

He took part in major game projects in companies like Electronic Arts – ЕА, SONY Entertainment, Blizzard, NAMKO, SEGA Sports, Midway, Vivendy Universal ,THQ, The 3DO Company, SILICON GRAPHICS, PSYGNOSIS, where he had major contributions in the making of the first 3D Animation concepts and 3D software development for the Video-game industry and he Visual Effects industry.

He worked as an Art Director and Senior 3D Animator in companies like EA, NAMCO Hometek, V-Star, Blue-Shift, The 3DO Company and others.

Now he is focused on the gathering of a small group of 3D Artists and 3D Video-game programmers. His first priority and passion is to build a team with the right talent and synergy in order to deliver titles, that will be among the highest standards of today’s AR, VR and Video-game industries.

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